Force 1: Create a More Effective Business Map

The world is changing too fast for a traditional business plan. You need a map that will guide you from where you are to where you want to be, and give you the flexibility to anticipate and capitalize on change. When you can use business innovation to successfully adapt to changing conditions, you will be in a better position to help your business grow.

Force 2: Constant and Strategic Innovation

For your innovation to truly be strategic, you must know who your customer is and who they need to be. You must dig in to what they value, what their needs are, as well as what will fulfill them. Only then will you add massive value and turn the profit you need.

Force 3: World Class Strategic Marketing

Become a world-class marketer by finding your X-factor and focusing on value-add marketing. What is an X-factor? It’s a business’s ability to find a way to add intangible value – value that goes beyond what anybody can really measure. It’s the ability to find a way to do more for your clients than absolutely anybody else in your industry and to consistently maintain that standard.

Force 4: Sales Mastery System

Learn how to find the very best sales people and how to inspire, train, reward and lead them to become a dedicated and powerful sales force.

Force 5: Constant Anticipation: the Power of Legal and Financial Analysis

We all have blind spots. How do you ensure that your business stays financially sound? You can’t just hire a CFO and forget it. Learn the tools to understand and manage your cash, not just your bottom line.

Force 6: Optimization and Maximization

How is it possible to realistically grow your business in a way that doesn’t require extra investment in marketing? You get even smarter about how you deploy your resources. Learn to optimize your business with a series of micro-improvements that create geometric change.

Working On A Mechanical Watch. A watch makers work top. The inside workings of a vintage mechanical watch.

Force 7: Create a Raving Fan Culture

The more value you are able to add to your customer’s life and experience, the more easily you’ll dominate the marketplace. Learn how to understand, anticipate and consistently fulfill the deepest needs of your clients to create fans who advocate on your behalf.

Force 8: Bonus - The Psychology of the Business Owner

Skill is a power that allows you to complete a goal, but psychology is the state that empowers you to create and maintain vision. Most people don’t realize that 80% of the time, the chokehold restricting growth around businesses of all sizes is the psychology of the leader.

Psychology trumps skill.

As Cyrille explains, you must break through your individual psychological blocks and shift your focus to tap into what will make you ultimately powerful and a force for achievement in any venture.

Lute maker shop and classic music instruments: young adult artisan fixing old classic guitar adding a cord and tuning the instrument. Close up of hands and palette

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