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What you have read or heard from us so far makes sense to you. It confirms what your gut feeling has been telling you for so many years. It is likely the right moment to enroll into our Cyrille & Co. BusinessProvenCoaching program.

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One-to-One BusinessProvenCoaching

Have you ever tried Business Coaching before? Were you frustrated by all the questions asked to you by your coach? By the lack of guidance and directions? By the lack of progress?

BusinessProvenCoaching is a new approach to coaching uniquely designed with Business Owners in mind. Of course, we ask you questions about yourself, your business, the difficulties you are facing and the opportunities you want to grab.

However at one point in time - rather sooner than later - our coach is going to pull the trigger. And kick-start the change process. Initially, we are talking about baby steps. Yet, you will be able to see tangible results early as you achieve relatively modest milestones. And from there, we will slowly but surely grow more ambitious. You will set more ambitious goals. Your coach will be alongside you at every step of the journey.

Team Leadership Development

We understand you don't work alone. We understand that your team is an essential driver to the success of your business.

However, we have been in your shoes so many times.

Changing yourself is just the beginning.

Helping your team to embrace change is as essential.

Let's sit down together and discuss how to assist you and your team to achieve your goals.

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Why it is different?

We are NOT psychologists. We are NOT meditation gurus. We are Entrepreneurs and Business people, just like you. We have created companies, launched new products and business lines. We have run small to medium size businesses. We have managed multi-cultural teams across various countries. We know what being hands-on means. We understand the reality of not being part of a “big” group where everything is taken care off by somebody else. One of your sales guys get his car stolen and you are the one helping him out. 


We have been there and we have learnt from our past mistakes. We can put ourselves in your shoes. We understand your frustrations and also your motivation and aspirations.

Most importantly, we work for results. Proven and tangible results. Results that will translate into your bank account by the end of the program. And most importantly we believe that the changes YOU will make during the program will have a long term positive impact on your business and your life.

Why you should not hesitate

1st and most importantly if you do nothing most likely you will loose your business. Your frustration and growing fatigue about your business will only get worse over time. At first, the fall is imperceptible you feel more and more tired and the difficulties seem more and more insurmountable. The first life-threatening warning sign will be a fast drop in profits or worse an ever larger ocean of red ink. Your dealings with your Clients and your staff will grow more and more contentious. In the end, you will have to close down and sell on the cheap the business you put some much energy to build.


100% Money Back Guarantee

Once you have been admitted into the program, you will be charged on a monthly basis at the beginning of each month. For the first 3 months only. After that the following 12-month of Coaching and Follow-up are free of charge.

If at the end of each month you are not completely satisfied with our program. We will refund you in full and you will return to us all the materials we have shared with you. Not question asked. No haggling. No bad feeling as well.